Inner Spring Yoga


Inner Spring Yoga offers instruction in Hatha, Yin, & Vinyasa yoga for all levels and abilities.  The Kula Center studio has a 950 square foot main practice space, a secondary group practice space, shower facilities, and a community room.

Classes offered seven days a week!  

Inner Spring is a Yoga Alliance certified instruction school as well.  The 2019 program will have an informational open house at the Kula Center on November 11th 2018. Click to find out more!


Dailey Wellness & Massage


From restorative and therapeutic massage to relaxing your mind and spirit utilizing ancient meditative practices, you will have a place to meet all your wellness needs.

Offering massage, kinesio tape, cupping, along with energy therapies like Reiki Healing.  Appointments are available now!




Experience true relaxation and healing! Salt therapy, in its various forms, is a powerful practice in self-care. We offer two forms: float therapy and halotherapy.

Floating provides a unique opportunity to minimize or remove all distractions and turn inward for a truly relaxing experience.  You'll step into a spacious tub with about 10 inches of water, warmed to your external body temperature. As you lie back into the water, you'll float effortlessly with over 1000 pounds of salt to keep you afloat. 

Floating has many benefits, ranging from relaxation to targeting common health issues to an overall sense of well-being. As you float, your body will be fully supported, alleviating any pressure points. For those with chronic pain, it can be a life changer. Further, the mental break you'll get by floating is unlike any other. It opens the gateway towards a single point of focus, allowing meditation or a calm mind to come with ease. 

Halotherapy involves relaxing in community space, where you'll breathe in micro-particles of ground pharmaceutical-grade salt. In addition to providing an opportunity to rest and relax, this practice can be beneficial for various respiratory, skin, and mental health conditions. It opens your airways, removes pollutants, eases skin, and allows your body to recover.

Integrating Healthy Habits


Helping YOU live your best life!  Health coaching that incorporates positive dietary habits along with lifestyle guidance designed to help women live their purpose and strengthen families.

Laura DeMent is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and E-RYT 200, YACEP yoga instructor


Chakragraphs are an exciting and fun way to receive an energy reading. They will validate previous and current experiences while offering new perceptions to any present challenges and future opportunities. Chakragraphs help support our health and wellness by providing information of the physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies, which in turn helps us to create a more meaningful life experience rich with awareness and integrity.

Shamanic healing is intended to complement to alternative health modalities, modern medicine, and therapy practices, but it does not replace the guidance or programs in place by licensed medical professionals. However, spiritual healing can often the missing link that allows healing and recovery to rapidly progress by releasing the stranglehold of old patterns we can be stuck in and unwind the cords that prevent growth, authenticity, and abundance from forming in our lives.


Holistic Counseling & Wellbeing


Hearthfire Holistic provides individual counseling for adults and adolescents. You are invited to step into the most radiant version of yourself.

Jen McVeigh-Davis, LCSW - 502-552-8211 -